Create real world scenarios

Use our simple content authoring tools to create interactive video and branching scenarios just like in real life.

Why interactive video scenarios?

Video scenarios put you in the heart of real-world situations. By letting you explore decisions and see consequences firsthand, they transform learning from theory to practical mastery, boosting understanding and knowledge retention.

Better engagement and motivation

Keep learners interested with dynamic story-based experiences. Explore grey areas and experience consequences that motivate learners to stay engaged.

Increased knowledge retention

Place learners in simulated situations to see concepts applied in practice, leading to a deeper understanding and better knowledge retention.

Enhanced accessibility and flexibility

Online video-based training means learners can go at their own pace, revisit specific modules and fit training into their busy schedules.

Interactive video authoring

👀 Create simulations to practice skills and identify solutions using your products.

💥 brings your training to life with visual learning experiences. Use our simple authoring tools to create interactive videos, 3D simulations and Insta-learning.

Create interactive learning

Storyboard scenarios

👋 Using our simple storyboard editor to build pick-a-path style video scenarios to allow learners to explore the impact of their decisions.

💡 Delivered as a story feed that can be paused and easily picked up again at the right moment. Base your learning on a branching narrative to explain in detail and demonstrate outcomes.

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