Bring product training to life

Build the online product training your brand deserves with Immerse your customers, partners and employees with interactive learning experiences to unify your product expertise.

Why use a Product Training Platform?

A product training platform allows businesses to create and deliver learning experiences that focus on training employees, customers, or partners on how to use, sell or maintain their products effectively. The ultimate driver is to increase product adoption, improve customer satisfaction and efficient product usage.

Scale your training

Make your product training scalable and available 24/ 7, by providing your ecosystem with a single place to find your product know-how.

Improve product adoption

Educate your employees, customers and partners to become your product experts in turn increase sales, adoption and retention.

Identify knowledge gaps

Use data-driven insights to know how your audience understands your products. Identify training needs to everyone has the necessary knowledge.

On-Brand Learning

πŸ‘€ Demonstrate product use in a range of scenarios to give learners confidence they’re ready. Create simulations to practice skills and identify solutions using your products.

πŸ’₯ brings your training to life with visual learning experiences. Use our simple authoring tools to create interactive videos, 3D simulations and Insta-learning.

Create interactive learning

Reach your external audiences

πŸ‘‹ LMSs are great for internal employees but struggle to offer good solutions to target and engage external audiences.

πŸ’‘ Target your product audiences in the places they go for information - your website, learning systems, drip emails, support systems or a QR code attached to your product.

Make compliance easy

πŸ† Automate your certification programmes with personalized workflows

πŸ“… Assess knowledge for certification and automate compliance checks.

πŸ“ˆ Customers or partners may use products for different solutions with their own training requirements. Personalize learning material without the hassle of multiple resources to maintain.

For organisations who educate practical audiences

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