Create and deliver visual learning experiences.

Create interactive learning with video, 3D models and images. Deliver targeted experiences to the right audiences at the right time with measurable outcomes.

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Use the platform to create and share interactive learning experiences. Includes an LMS to assign learning, track progress and completions.

Story-based learning

Learning more Instagram than Storyline. Simple visual training that loads fast and looks great on both mobile and desktop.

Delivered as a story feed that can be paused and easily picked up again at the right moment. Base your learning on a branching narrative to explain in detail and demonstrate outcomes.

Interactive authoring

Create visual and realistic learning simulations to explain and simplify complex practical concepts.

Zoom into images, pause and interact with video and animate 3D models to bring training to life. Use video from GoPros or mobile phones and 3D models from online libraries for easy content production.

Practice scenarios

Video scenarios are a great way to practice a situation or process - giving learners the opportunity to explore the impact of their decisions.

Use real life events to create practice scenarios. Co-design with SMEs, storyboard and test before you shoot any video for an easy production process.

Simulate the real world

Packed with features to simulate tasks and bring training to life, including powerful tools to create realistic interactive learning.

Upload your 3D models of equipment - add annotations with hotspots for information and interaction, 3D animations to focus attention.

Share learning easily

Learning can be accessed on your or your partners websites, social media or any LMS. Learning can be open for anyone, identified learners or secured via invite only.

Share links via email, social media, websites or QR codes. Add learners to our simple LMS and invite directly into your campaigns.