Training Providers

Complement what you do

Do you deliver practical training courses to organizations who need results? complements your in person or online training with engaging experiential learning. Learners get the opportunity to practice and apply the new skills and knowledge they’ve gained.

Simulate scenarios and real life events with interactive branching video. Campaigns enable you to engage learners over time with nudges, micro-assessments and refresher modules. Deliver directly to the inbox or via your customers’ learning systems.

Meet customers needs

Customers may have diverse requirements and outcome priorities. Customize campaigns to suit the situation. Measure and reinforce outcomes to give your customer confidence and capability they need.

Pitching to a new client? Gather workforce training requirements with a simple mico-assessment campaign. Identify those who would benefit from some more training and target training where your efforts are best served.

Our pricing is based on outcomes, so you only pay for actual results. Package your learning with campaigns and raise the value on offer.