Product Training

The dealers, installers and maintainers of products can be hard to reach. They often have a few suppliers trying to get their attention and tend to only engage when they have to. is a practical solution to engage learners quickly and easily. Motivate learners to raise their game and become expert product users.

Get to know the products

Simplify product education with digital manuals, 3D models, zoomable hi-res images and interactive video. Engage learners in the places they go for information - your website, their company website, learning systems or trade sites.

Demonstrate product use in a range of scenarios to give learners confidence they’re ready. Create simulations to practice skills and identify solutions using your products.

Make compliance easy

HowIo measures outcomes to ensure your products are being used as intended. Assess knowledge for certification and automate compliance checks.

Customers or partners may use products for different solutions with their own training requirements. Personalize learning material without the hassle of multiple resources to maintain.

Self managed learning

External managers can now have visibility over team training. Give them access and the ability to ensure their team is getting the training they need.

Often you want to grow your learning audience as you grow your market. The pricing model is designed to support growing audiences with varying levels of engagement.